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Paphos Local News July 2017

Paphos is taking shape
By Bejay Browne

After months of dug up roads and challenging obstacle courses for pedestrians, a new-look, renovated Paphos old town is slowly emerging, but more needs to be done to encourage investment in the area, locals say.

The works, which will see the regeneration of the old town (Ktima), has caused a massive upheaval to the entire central road network, with some remaining closed to traffic and many pedestrian areas hazardous to negotiate.

Head of the Friends of Paphos Old Town association, Kyriacos Kyriacou, who owns a handful of shops in Ktima, said that a lack of a master plan is discouraging would-be investors.

“There is no serious information or rules available on what is possible for the area. For example, if someone wants to open a taverna, how will it work? Are they allowed tables and chairs outside, how must they look and so on,” he said.

However, he did note that the town would look fantastic once the work is completed.
In 2015, €60 million worth of projects for Paphos, including the regeneration of the traditional shopping centre and Kennedy Square, the restoration of the municipal market, the upgrading of the Markideio theatre, and connecting and enhancing the squares of October 28, Kosti Palama and Dionysios Solomos around the town hall were announced by the president.
Currently, owners of market shops are concerned that a decision to remove the cover over the central market walkway will be disastrous if something suitable is not put in its place, and which fits in with the area.
In addition, more shade is needed along Makarios Avenue, as sapling trees planted there are young and will take time to grow before creating any shade and some have had to be replaced after vandals cut them down, they say.
According to a municipality spokesman, the central areas of Paphos will be completed by July 15, and the Makedeio theatre in September or October.

Tourist arrivals up a record 15% in May
By Bejay Browne
The overall number of tourist arrivals rose be 15% in May to 418,732 compared with the respective month of 2016. This is a record for May, according to Cystat, the statistical service.

In January to May, the total number of tourist arrivals rose an annual 18% to 990,756, which is also an all-time high for this time of the year, Cystat announced on its website.

Arrivals from the UK, which are traditionally a main source of incoming tourism for Cyprus, rose 20% in May compared with the same month last year. Arrivals from Germany, Israel and Sweden rose 55%, 93% and 26% respectively and those from Greece dropped 6.4%. Meanwhile, arrivals from Russia also rose 0.3%.

Cystat also found that the number of Cyprus residents travelling abroad dropped slightly in May compared to the previous year.

Meanwhile, beer consumption in Cyprus has experienced a significant annual increase of 19.6% in May, according to the statistical service. It reached 4,427,384 litres, compared with 3,701,307 litres in May 2016.

In the meantime, beer exports fell in May 2017 to 41,375 litres, compared with 152,040 litres in the same month last year, a reduction of 72.8 %.

British couple honoured
By Bejay Browne

A British couple that have holidayed in Paphos for the last two decades have been honoured by the town’s mayor.

Sally and Peter Davis were presented with a commemorative plaque by the mayor of Paphos, Phedonas Phedonos, at the town hall.

He said that the item was, “just a small indication of the Paphos Municipality's appreciation of the couple’s long-term preference and trust in our town.”

He added that the pair have regularly chosen Paphos for their holidays for the last 23 years and that during this time, they have visited Paphos 26 times.

The couple said that they feel as if Paphos is their home and have made numerous fiends here and feel a great affinity and bond with the locals.

As he presented the plaque, the mayor said that the municipality will ensure that Paphos is further enriched and enhanced as a popular tourist destination.

Mayor inaugurates new Paphos park
By Bejay Browne

The Paphos mayor officially inaugurated an upgraded park area in the centre of Paphos, the result of a joint project between the municipality and betting giant Opap.

“The Opap municipal park, equipped and upgraded, meets all the requirements to become a real gem for our city, a model green and recreation area that people of all ages can enjoy in comfort and safety,” said the mayor, Phedonas Phedonos.

Opap Cyprus funded the project which cost 137,000 euros.
The park, in a residential area in the centre of Paphos, was in desperate need of upgrading.

Phedonos said that the aim was to make the area more attractive for residents – especially young people and young families.

The sports facilities, the modern playground and the development of the green area completely reverses the previous image of abandonment it portrayed, he said.

Phedonos said that Paphos was changing fast and moving away from its tarnished scandal-hit image of recent years. He said that the 16 projects already carried out in less than two and a half years ‘speak for themselves’.
He added that the main goal of the current five-year plan is the continued upgrading of Paphos.

“In this context, we are already planning to run a second large set of projects that will complement those that have been completed and will radically change the city’s image,” he said.

According to the mayor, the projects include, upgrading main roads, asphalting roads and repairing pavements, completing the regional road network, expanding and further enriching the ten parks that have already been built, creating two large parks in the west and east of the town.

He said that residents must start to take responsibility to keep their surrounding areas clean and tidy and take pride in their neighbourhoods.

“We are also promoting the conversion of Paphos into a ‘smart city’ through the use and application of new technologies to upgrade existing infrastructures, and create new ones such as modern bus stops with telematics system and electronic information points,” he said.
Diamond wedding Brits invite entire village to celebrate
By Bejay Browne
To celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary, a British couple that have lived in a Paphos village for the past 30 years hosted a party for the entire community.

John and Mavis Cooper, who first meet in their teens and are now in their 80s, said that they wanted to hold a party for the village of Amargeti as a way to say thank you to the community that welcomed them as their first ‘foreign’ residents more than three decades ago.

“We first visited here many years ago and fell in love with the village. We wanted to thank them for being so kind and helpful to us over the years, they are such beautiful people and we wanted to give something back,” John Cooper said.

This is the second time that the couple have held such a party, the first was ten years ago for their golden wedding anniversary.
The couple married in their hometown of Bolton in Lancashire in 1957 and have three children, four grandchildren and six great grandchildren, who have visited them in Cyprus over the years.

Cooper worked in civil aviation while his wife was a teacher.

Head of Amargeti community council, Androulla Demitriou, said that around 300 guests attended the party and that the popular couple are loved by the entire village.

“They are a wonderful couple and very much loved by us all. They were the first foreigners to settle here and since then, because of them, we now have about 40 expat couples,” she said.

The village only has a population of around 200 residents.

The party, which was held in the centre of the village, was a huge success said Cooper, and they profusely thanked the community leader, the caterers and other helpers for their input.

“We felt like the king and queen of the village, everyone was so caring and congratulating us,” Mavis said.

Tala village centre gets revamp
By Bejay Browne

The centre of popular Tala village in Paphos is encouraging new businesses to open in the area, and local authorities hope the upgrade will increase visitor numbers.

Recently, revamped restaurants and bars around the square have re-opened, helping to create a fantastic atmosphere. Also, a central, colourfully lit water fountain  turns shades of blue, purple, pink and yellow.

Set in the hills above Paphos town, much of Tala has stunning and commanding views of the Paphos coastline and Mediterranean Sea.

A Dutch expat couple living in the area, artist Joep Klinkenbijl and jewellery maker Johanna Bey have opened their new business, an art gallery, studio and gift shop, on the square, and said the position is an obvious choice.
He said he was enthusiastic about the renovations which he hopes will encourage other new businesses to open in the area.

The painter, who is also a well-known DJ, said that other professional artists will also be invited to exhibit at the new space in the future.

“This is a great village and since the revamped eateries have just reopened, the atmosphere here in the evenings is superb,” he said.

According to local councillor, Cathi Delaney, the upgrading works in Tala village come with a 1.5 million euro price tag and are being carried out in two phases. The project has been 70 per cent funded by the government, with the Tala community board paying for the remaining 30 per cent.

Phase 1 of the square was completed before Easter and finished ahead of schedule, taking just eight months instead of 12 months due to a mild winter.

The first phase saw water pipes under the square replaced, drainage improved and electricity cables being placed underground. The square has also been paved and pedestrianised, new lighting installed and a fountain created. Flower beds have been planted and uniform pergolas added for businesses found around the square.

Phase 2 is due to get underway in October and will last for around six months. The road network around the square will be widened where possible, roads will be resurfaced, some roads will be designated as one-way, and additional car parking, including disabled parking, will be created.

The village welcomes at least one coachload of tourists per day, mostly Russians, mainly visiting the icon shop which is found underneath the Church of the Birth of Christ at one end of the square.

Tala is the birthplace of Archbishop Chrysostomos, and the church is also the home to the ‘Archbishop’s museum’ containing mementos of his travels, religious robes, photographs and his book collection.

The amphitheatre, a few minutes’ drive from the centre shows a mixed programme of events including plays and concerts during the summer months. Other places of interest include the Tala Cat Park, now home to around 700 stray and unwanted cats, which are available for rehoming, and the historic Ayios Neophytos monastery.


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