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Paphos Local News June 2017

Paphos has most ‘majestic’ sunsets
By Bejay Browne
The Paphos regional board of tourism is inviting all those involved in the industry to embrace a current effort and to contribute in some way, to the promotion of the emergence of the ‘most majestic sunset in Cyprus’.
The tourism board is undertaking a programme to promote sunsets in the region as the ‘most majestic’ in Cyprus, to both locals and visitors.
Nasos Hadjigeorgiou, the head of the Paphos regional board of tourism told the Paphos Post that steps are being taken to promote the stunning sunsets which take in a number of measures, including public exhibition and events.
“As from now, we will take different actions to promote our sunsets which we have all agreed are the most majestic in Cyprus and will promote this unique experience which sets us apart from other destinations,” he said.
Preliminary investigations have found the following sites as the most beautiful to enjoy a stunning sunset:  the birthplace of Aphrodite in Kouklia, spots along the coast of Geroskipou, Paphos harbour and the lighthouse area, Paphos old town and parts of Moutallos Hills, areas of the coastal front of Chlorakas, Lemba and Kissonerga, Coral Bay, the Sea Caves, Agios Georgios port, Lara in the Akamas and spots in Polis Chrysochous and Neo Chorio.

However, a full list with descriptions will be available in June.
The tourism head said: “The locations to watch these sunsets are superb and meaningful, we have amazing skies. We have a great view of the sunset and the scenery and nature are unique. Even in the same place every sunset is different from day to day,” he said.
This unique selling point is an advantage for the region and after discussions, the promotional plan is being backed by individual hotels, and other interested parties, alongside the local tourism board.
“We are completing an inventory of the best spots to view the sunset in Paphos and issue electronic and print material and other means such as websites to promote them.”In the near future, summer events will be held to highlight the sunsets, such as photographic and art exhibitions, as well as other events which will enable the public to interact, he said.
“Hoteliers are also preparing in- house promotions to feature Paphos sunsets, such as wine tasting events and cocktails during sunset, he said.
In June, a list of the top spots to view the ‘most majestic sunsets on the island’ will be released and the tourism board’s website will be updated with more information, he said.
Further information will be available from June at:

Paphos in top ten 2017 European destinations
By Bejay Browne
Paphos has been named the ninth best European destination in Lonely Planet’s top ten places for international travellers to visit this summer.
The travel media company is one of the world’s leading guidebook publishers, and Paphos received the accolade in Lonely Planet’s Best in Europe 2017, which highlights, ‘the most exciting European destinations to visit this year’.
“Lonely Planet’s experts have highlighted the spectacular monuments and historic sites that visitors to the city can discover in Paphos, the first capital of Cyprus in Roman times, this year given new life with hundreds of activities and events celebrating regional culture,” said a spokesman for the company.
Paphos currently holds the European capital of culture title, an honour it shares with Aarhus in Denmark.
“The award brings with it world attention, significant cultural investment and the opportunity to showcase Paphos culture. And there’s much to admire,” the company said. “The island of Aphrodite has weathered so many occupations that history has piled monument upon monument on its sun-kissed shores: catacombs, temples, castles, medieval baths, Roman-era mosaics, and the Unesco World Heritage sites of Kato Paphos and the Tombs of the Kings all bring to life a fascinating bygone era.”

Inspired by this history, Lonely Planet said that Paphos was transforming itself, both socially and spatially, into an Open Air Factory of 300 accessible events aimed at building bridges between cultures.
Zagreb in Croatia took the top spot in the list as Europe’s number one destination this year, followed by Gotland, Sweden at number two, Galicia in Spain is third, Northern Montenegro is in fourth place, Leeds in the UK came fifth, Alentejo in Portugal claimed sixth place, Northern Germany is at seven, Moldova is eighth, Paphos is at number nine and taking the last spot in the top ten, is Le Havre in France.
Prestigious Cyprus International film festival held in Paphos in June
By Bejay Browne
Paphos is preparing for the Cyprus International Film Festival (CYIFF) which will take place in the town in June.
The annual festival, now in its twelfth year, will hold free film screenings in Paphos from June 14 – 24 at the University of Neapolis amphitheatre, as well as in the renovated Attikon cinema on June 18, 19 and 20, in the parallel programme of Pafos2017.
Festival Director Petra Terzi, said that she felt it was important to hold the festival in Paphos this year as it is celebrating its title of European capital of culture. This is the second time that the festival has taken place entirely in Paphos, previously it was held in Nicosia.
Last year the programme included more than 100 short and feature films of recent production.
The 12th Cyprus International Film Festival will be held 14-24 June, 2017, in Paphos 2017.

Polis set to get artificial reef
By Bejay Browne
Polis will get an artificial reef, according to tourism officials. The reef will attract diving tourism and protect marine biodiversity, a spokesman for the Paphos regional board of tourism said.
This will be the second reef in the district of Paphos and it is included in the fisheries department’s plans for 2014-2020.
“The main aim of these reefs is to protect marina natural resources and develop biodiversity and marine life, as well a more sustainable and responsible form of tourism,” he said.
The fisheries department had studied possible areas for the reef, which fall under the protection of the Natura 2000 Plan.
Artificial reefs are constructions intentionally placed on the seabed that aim to imitate the properties of a natural reef. “They serve as a haven, a place to feed, reproduce, and grow in size and number for living marine organisms.”
Mayor of Polis Chrysochous Giotis Papachristofi said that the government will foot the bill, which will amount to tens of thousands of euros.
“We are expecting this project to get underway in 2018, I don’t know how they will create this sea park yet, as I don’t have all the details.”
However, Papachristofi said the establishment of the reef is a good idea as it will help to promote diving tourism and snorkelling with both local and visitors.
The reef will be sunk onto the sea bed in an area of sea stretching between Latchi harbour and the five star Anassa hotel, he added. The effort contributes to a wider general plan for the district of Paphos that follows sustainable and responsible tourism, he said.

Paphos looks to become a ‘smart city’
By Bejay Browne
Two Paphos projects have been given the green light, which officials say will move the area close to becoming a fully-fledged ‘Smart city’.
A spokesman for Paphos municipality said that two European programmes have been approved and are due to get underway in Paphos in July.
“This is important for Paphos, as we aim to establish ourselves as a smart city which will help to change the way in which Paphos is viewed,” he said.
Both proposals were submitted under the INTERREG V-A Cross-Border Cooperation Programme: Greece-Cyprus 2014-2020.
The first project, which Paphos proposed and submitted, sees the town in the role of lead partner in a co-financing programme, which has a total budget of €848,000. Paphos will contribute €400,000. The project provides for the deployment of city-based applications and infrastructures, for which Paphos partners up with the twinned municipalities of Chania and Lesbos.
“This end will be achieved through a package of advanced digital services, including the creation of a digital platform, applications to support visitors and visibility of culture, tourism and entrepreneurship, the development of e-government applications and the supply and installation of Wi-Fi hotspots and touch screens,” he said.
The project also incorporates a business plan for the full implementation of the ‘Smart City’ actions, a strategic plan including: ‘City Marketing’, ‘City Branding’ and others, he said.
The second project is titled, ‘ECORouTS’, and aims to reduce carbon emissions from urban transport and provides for the municipality of Paphos to supply at least one electric bus for passengers, the installation of a charging station, development of a Telematics system and green path development, he added.
For this project, which has a total budget of €1.6 million, Paphos is a partner (not a lead partner) and will pay around €370,000. The municipalities of Heraklion, Chania and Aradippou are also involved.

Paphos municipality hoists rainbow flag
By Bejay Browne
Paphos municipality hoisted the LGBT flag at Paphos town hall, for the first time, in support of Cyprus Pride.
Equal rights activist, South African Cypriot, Zac Theophanous, 38, told the Paphos Post that he undertook the initiative as he felt it is particularly important for Paphos to show it is forward thinking this year, as it holds the title of European capital of culture 2017.
“I had the idea of hoisting the LGBT flag at the Paphos Town Hall during Cyprus Pride Week and I wanted to show that our town supports equality and equal rights,” he said.
The hoisting of the flag came just ahead of the Cyprus Pride Parade, held in Nicosia.
Proactive Theophanous sent a request to the mayor and the municipal council and they voted in favour of the move.
“The mayor of Paphos, Phedonas Phedonos, was very open to the idea and accepting. He is a wonderful man,” he said.
He added that it is important to him to show that there is acceptance in the community for those that feel they have to hide their sexuality.
As both Nicosia municipality and Lakatamia municipality have flown the flag in the past, the 38-year- old said it was time that Paphos did the same, especially in the year of the European Capital of culture to shown that Paphos is ‘all- inclusive’.
“This is not about LGBT, gender, race or sexual orientation, but it’s about equality for all,” he said.
Theophanous has the backing of Accept LGBT


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